Atlas Ramachandran

M. M. Ramachandran (Mathukkara Moothedath Ramachandran) better known as Atlas Ramachandran is an Indian Jeweller, film producer and actor as well as a former banker. He is the chairman of the Atlas Jewellery. He is known for the tagline of his jewelry, “Janakodikalude Vishwasthasthapanam”
He is also an eminent Film Producer and Film Distributor and he distributed films in the banner “Chandrakanth Films”. Vaishali and Sukrutham are his classic films.
Ramachandran acquired bachelor’s degree in commerce from Kerala University. He started his career in the banking industry with Canara Bank in Delhi. Then he completed his Post Graduate degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. In 1974 he moved to Kuwait City when he acquired a job in Commercial Bank of Kuwait.
In 1981, he opened the first ATLAS showroom in Souk Al Watya in Kuwait. He started the showroom with just two kilos of gold ornaments. He functioned as a bank manager, trainer, supervisor, salesman, cashier, administrator and accountant. He fixed the gold rate separately for 22 and 24 karat gold jewellery and pioneered transparency in the gold business by advertising the ATLAS daily gold rates through all mass media as well as 24 hours a day through telephone hotline. These undertakings earned him much appreciation from the World Gold Council and this marked a new era in the regional gold retail trade. Within three to four year ATLAS captured the market and it became a household name.
During Gulf War, Kuwait was looted and Ramachandran experienced a total loss & so he started over in the United Arab Emirates.
Ramachandran was elected to serve as the first Chairman of the Gold Promotion Committee of the Dubai Shopping Festival. He was the Secretary of Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group for first six years, was the key founding member of the AbuDhabi Gold & Jewellery Group, Editor of the film magazine Chalachithram, was the Vice President of Malayalam Film Producers Association, etc to name a few.
Ramachandran was a patron of Thrissur Kathakali Club and Akhila Kerala Aksharasloka Parishad. He also promoted Aksharaslokam through FM Radio Stations in UAE. He participated in many Radio Drama Serials of Radio Asia.
Ramachandran ventured into film production and distribution & was known as Vaishali Ramachandran.
Throughout his life, Ramachandran has been presented with a number of awards and honors for his contributions to the business world, film, literature, culture and charity.
The misfortune faced by him in August 2015 was almost a catastrophe. All his business in the UAE, in other GCC countries and India was badly affected. But he stood firm like a rock even when misery and ill health stared at him with dreadful eyes. He was able to do that only because of the valuable moral support extended to him by people in all walks of life. He is now on the threshold of a great resurgence once again to the same glorious level.
At the age of 77, he still have confidence & faith in himself which is clear from his words “I will come back, no doubt about it. My business will be revived. My plan is to open one showroom in Dubai, and I will pick up from there. Atlas will soon regain its old glory.” – really an inspiring person.