Shajna Fazil

Shajna Fazil – founder of Kerala Women’s Corner (KWC) with 24K members, running a YouTube channel Shajna Fazil’s Kitchen with more than 800 subscribers, a renowned cookery judge in UAE, …. to name few.
Shajna Fazil was born in Karunagappalli, Kollam, Kerala. She did Bio-Medical Engineering. She was very much interested in cooking when she was a child. Little did she knew that it could help her reach many like minded people.
Shajna came to Dubai in 2008. She participated in many cookery competitions before with full support from her loving husband Fazil Musthafa & won many prizes. Then she started her own YouTube channel Shajna Fazil’s Kitchen with many of her own tried & tested recipes. At present, whatever cookery competition occurs in UAE, Shajna is a well known name among the cookery judges.
Shajna, along with some of her friends started a group, Kerala Women’s Corner (KWC), On 1st of August, 2016. Through this group, talented Keralite ladies were able to interact & they did many events like Ishal Ponnonam, Grand Fiesta, etc.. They even have KWC kids (showcase talents of their kids), KWC classifieds, KWC career, KWC health, etc.. KWC group have even attempted to break 3 records (Guinness World, Golden Book Of Records & Limca Book of Records) by conducting a Mass Oppana.
At present, Shajna is working as a teacher at Woodlem Park School, Ajman.
Apart from all these, Shajna is a good home-maker. She makes sure not to compromise much on her family & love spending quality time with her family.