Sridevika is an Indian film actress who has appeared in the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industries.
Sridevika started her acting career with a Malayalam movie ‘Kerala House Udan Vilpanakku’. She made her entry in Tamil film with ‘Ramakrishna’ in 2004. Then she did ‘Anda Naal Nyabagam’ in 2005. She subsequently appeared in Telugu films like ‘Rajababu’ & Kannada film ‘My Autograph’. Some of her famous Malayalam movies are ‘Avan Chandiyudae Makan’in 2007 and ‘Parthan Kanda Paralokam’ in 2008 and ‘Manjadikuru’in 2012. She did around 16 movies in various South Indian languages.
Sridevika got married to Rohit Ramachandran in 2010 & is currently living in Dubai, UAE. Currently she is directing a Malayalam web series called ‘Random Wekaram’ which is already a hit in social media.